Reduce unnecessary energy consumption

Reduce unnecessary energy consumption
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Do you know if the appliances in your home that are permanently connected to the sockets, they consume energy even if they are not awake but in standby mode? The answer may surprise you. Virtually every appliance - TV, DVD, amplifier, audio-video and chargers in a house that you do not pull out of the sockets, consume energy. The forgotten phone charger in the socket or the aforementioned stand-by modes of the appliances are significant hidden electricity guzzlers, they can consume up to CZK 500 per year in the household.

Not unnecessarily worried
TVs in standby mode have a consumption of 1 to 2 watts per hour. Bottom line, we get to the price of around CZK 100. When we count the appliances we have at home in such a mode, for example, 6 and add the chargers to it, the price for energy is higher than 500Kč. You will get the current relay for this amount, and your investment will return within less than a year.
And we did not even mention a satellite receiver whose stand-by consumption reaches 30W / h!

How does iNELS do it?
Get your current relay!
By simply looking at the display in the main home distribution box, it is possible to see if there is an electrical appliance in the house, such as a stove, running. A simple solution is the PRI-51 current relay, which monitors the flow of current through the socket circuit. If the current drops below the set limit (e.g. 5mA), the relay determines that it is a residual appliance and switches the circuit off automatically. A smart solution also offers a combination of a switching component and a remote control.

Combine the RFSA-66M switching component with the RF Key fob. The switching component is installed in the switchboard where the socket circuits are connected. By switching these components off, you save not only electricity, but also take care of your health. There is no voltage through the circuit breakers when the circuit is switched off, eliminating the effect of EMG smog! In addition, you protect your house from possible fire due to a short circuit. In addition to the key fob, you can use a different wireless controller or a smartphone to take advantage of the convenience of remote control.

Did you know that you can have a smart and economical household without building interventions? More about wireless solutions at: iNELS RF Control We know that this is a professional topic, so please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to explain how the system will work.
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