Dimming actuator for RGBW strips - DA3-03M/RGBW

EAN: 8595188184632 | Code: 8463 standard


  • The dimmer for LED strips is used for independent control of 12 channels, so it can be connected to, for example:
    - 3 RGBW led strips
    - 3 RGB led strips + 2 single colour strips
    - 12 single colour LED strips
  • The 3-module design of the device with mounting in the switchboard allows the connection of a dimmable load of 3x 15 A or 12x 3.75 A, which represents, for example: 3 pieces of RGBW LED strips 24 V 20W/m = max 18m.
  • The dimmer is controlled by the central unit of the iNELS system.
  • The power supply of the LED strip is in the range of 0-50V DC.
  • Each of the output channels is separately controllable and addressable.
  • The actuator is equipped with electronic thermal protection, which switches off the output in case of overheating.
  • During installation, it is necessary to leave at least half a module of free space on each side of the actuator for better cooling.
  • DA3-03M/RGBW in 3-MODUL design is intended for installation in a switchboard on an EN60715 DIN rail.


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+49 (0) 221 222 837 80