EAN: 8595188150309 | Code: 5030 standard


  • The unit EMDC-64M is designed to control DALI electronic ballasts and DMX receivers from the iNELS system.
  • EMDC-64M enables control of up to 64 independent electronic ballasts DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) for fluorescent lamps, LEDs and other light sources.
  • EMDC-64M also enables connection of up to 32 receivers DMX (Digital MultipleX) in a single segment. When used repeaters can control up to 64 devices. Maximum amount of DMX controlled channels is 64 channels.
  • Control from iNELS BUS System via EBM BUS.
  • DIP switches on the front panel to select the control
    interface (DALI/ DMX).
  • Addressing of DALI ballast units can be done via the central unit and iDM3 software or via MINI USB on the front panel of the EMDC-64M and DALI Configurator software.
  • The required functionality is set in user project in iDM3 software.
  • The unit EMDC-64M is powered from the mains voltage 230 V AC.
  • DALI BUS power supply is 16V/250 mA via an EMDC-64M unit.
  • The system BUS EBM is galvanically separated from the BUSes DALI/ DMX. Terminals for connecting the DALI BUS are equipped with short circuit and surge protection.
  • It is possible to connect up to 8 EMDC-64M units to one EBM BUS.
  • If this concerns the last unit on a system BUS EBM, it is necessary to terminate the wire with a resistor with nominal resistance of 120 Ω. The resistor is inside the unit, termination is made by shorting neighboring terminals TERM and EBM+.
  • The BUS DMX must be terminated at its end by a resistor with nominal resistive value 120 Ω. The resistor for DMX BUS termination is on the side of the EMDC- 64M inside the unit, termination is performed by shorting adjacent terminals TERM and A.
  • Updating the firmware of the EMDC-64M can be done through the central unit adn software iDM3 or via MINI USB on the front panel and EMDC-64M Flasher software. Updating through MINI USB must be done while system BUS EBM is disconnected.
  • When confi guring DALI addresses two types are necessary to distinguished:
    - MASTER - this group includes sensors and detectors and one DALI branch can connect up to 4 DALI MASTER units
      * lighting intensity sensor DLS3-1
      * motion detector DMD3-1
    - SLAVE - electronic lighting ballast
  • EMDC-64M in 3-MODULE design is designed for mounting in a control panel on a DIN rail EN60715.

Technical parameters

  • DALI/DMX BUS: 64 channels / 64 channels
  • Supply voltage: AC 230 V (50/60 Hz), max. 100 mA
  • Housing: 3-MODULE
  • Dimensions: 90 x 52 x 65 mm



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