Central unit with 2x BUS - CU3-08M

EAN: 8595188184403 | Code: 8440 standard


  • CU3-08M is one of the basic system control of iNELS BUS installations. 
  • The unit can work independently, as an autonomous project, or it can be controlled by the IP-MASTER as part of a larger Project.
  • The units is equipped with two BUS, to which it is possible to connect a total of up to 64 elements (2x32) from the iNELS BUS portfolio.
  • The current load of one line is max. 1 A. BPS3-01M with 3 A can be used incase of connected device with more than 1 A.
  • The RJ45 100 Mbps Ethernet connector is used for direct communication with the cloud for mobile app control or for communication with the superior unit within the iNELS IP topology.
  • Configuration takes place in the iNELS3 Designer & Manager software (iDM3). Through iDM3 it is possible to update the fi rmware of central units and bus connected peripheral units.
  • The units is powered by 27 V DC from inels power supply. BUS1 can power the central unit.
  • System units CU3-08M in 1-MODULE design are designed for mouting into a switchboard on DIN rail EN60715.



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+49 (0) 221 222 837 80


+49 (0) 221 222 837 80