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iMM Client/Server

Player videozone allowing control of all system functions through the TV screen



The device iMM Server is used to connect almost all technologies in the house with intelligent electro-installation iNELS Bus System. We can control all technologies from one application iNELS Home Control (iHC). It controls lighting, heating, sun-blinds, air condition, cameras, appliances, multimedia (audio, video) at home from one application. That is all what our iMM Client can offer you.

iMM Client can be also used as videozone player. The TV serves as videozone what allows you to watch television programmes, it includes also the possibility to browse photos, play music or movies from network storage or control electro-installation. It is allowed thanks to icons located on the general floorplan which copies your house. In case you watch TV and you want to know what happens outside in front of your house, just check pictures from your camera, which can be displayed on your TV screen. 

You can communicate with your visitors, waiting in front of your house, through your TV screen where the pictures from cameras are displayed.

Picture and voice transmission to TV is done through HDMI cabel. TV controlling is allowed via an interface RS232 or IR signal when the smart box eLAN-IR can be used.

Audio output 3.5 mm can be used as a stereo jack for analog or optical digital output jack for optical cable to the amplifier.


iMM Client/Server - connection scheme (click to enlarge image):




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