Luxurious switches and other control devices LOGUS90

We bring you switches, sockets and accessories in standard, plastic or metallic design, but you will be impressed most by enchant luxury design of purely natural frames: real wood, metal, granite and tempered glass - cryst

As addiction to frame you can choose a cover of button in shades of pearl, such as aluminum or dark gray or ice - there are so many combinations according to the wish and taste of the customer.

Switches are characterized not only by a sophisticated design, but also by high durability and resistance.

We can meet with the quality of switches not only in the visible parts of covers, but also in the actual mechanism of the switch. Mechanisms have many outstanding features which facilitate installation, reduce installation time and ensure safety during their usage.

Thanks to its special construction it is also able to cope with any wall´s disparity.



Make your own switch:








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