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Luxus, individuality, beauty. With these words, we can characterize push-buttons in design, which will catch us on the first look. Push-buttons, socket outlets and accessories are in plastic design, resp.plastic with metalic spraying on it. But for the line LOGUS90 are characteristic a glamorous and luxury materials: metal, real wood, hardened glass or marble. From these materials are made a frames, which we combine with plastic covers of wall-buttons and sockets-outlets. Covers are offered in white or ivory colour and with the spraying on it in pearl, ice, aluminium and grey colour.

With their simplicity,design purity and variety of covers and frames, fi t push-buttons in any interior. Standardly is in our off er 24 combinations. Push-buttons are truthfully described by its strictly geometric shapes. Thanks to square symmetry can by all frames installed in horizontal or vertical position.


Covers can be easily changed instead of the old switches or if you just like a diff erent combination. Any installation of individual parts together is very easy.

Device has four clips, so the frame fi ts right into it, other system of mounting is not need.

This smart clips provide smooth operation of switch, even if the wall is not perfectly flat. Issue with not so straight surface is solved by „floating rocket“.

Device can be mounted into installation box with classic screws, or with more comfort spacers. 

Another advantage provides screwless terminals: wires rovide fast comfortable connection without any need of screwing..Depth of device is just 20 mm, it means that fi ts into the box without any problems. There are doubled terminals on each pole, which provide multiple connection of echanism, another terminals are not need. 

Holes on the front side of the cover are designed for electrical functional test of device – removal of whole device is not need. Of course Logus off ering, beside a basic single pole switch, also double pole switch (two unctions) or triple pole switch (three functions).


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