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Wireless temperature controller - RFTC-50/G

Digital wireless temperature regulator

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the temperature regulators RFTC-10/G and RFTC-50/G provide an easy solution to controlling temperature

in a room or the home

RFTC-10/G is a simple temperature regulator that can be used in two ways:

- with switching actuators RFSA-6x, RFSC-61, RFUS-61, where it switches heaters on or off depending on the

temperature setting

- with the RF Touch unit for temporary temperature correction ( +/- 10 °C ) over the course of the program set in the RF Touch unit

RFTC-50/G is a programmable temperature regulator, which off ers the option of setting a weekly program (up to 6 modes).

Temperature regulation thus works automatically in conjunction with switching actuators RFSA-6x, RFSC-61, RFUS-61.

the temperature is scanned by a built-in sensor

control is performed using buttons / , individual symbols (temperature, batteries, mode,..) are displayed on a backlit LCD display

the regulator is powered: by batteries - 2 x AAA1.5 V

the flat rear side of the device (see image) enables its placement anywhere in the room where you wish to measure temperature

the LOGUS90 frame design off ers luxurious design (glass, wood, stone, metal) with option of placing it in multiple frames

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