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LARA Radio (radio mounted in the wall)

Your internet radio in the switch/socket


LARA Radio is inextricably linked to the music and provides perfect listening experience.

  • LARA is an Internet radio and music player equipped with a high-resolution color OLED display.

  • We have registered 40 favorite Czech radios stations as presets stations,but you can easily change it using configurator.

  • LARA plays the music stored in the NASA storage or in the external source (phone, MP3 player) connected through cable on the front panel of device.

  • Inbuilt amplifier 10W allows direct connection of speakers (in the same LOGUS90 design) or allows connection of external in-wall or ceiling speakers.

  • Connection through cable to LAN network, PoE supply.

  • In the section "Accessories" there are various options of power supply - a module for WiFi connection included - if there is no LAN network.


Where you can use it? Where you can place it?

Concealed radio built into a wall can be placed in "classic rooms" to listen to the music - such as children room, living room or offices, or you can use that when you want to relax - e.g. part of installation in bathroom or welness.

How to control?

  • by touch the LARA device
  • by remote controller
  • via the App LARA-NAS - free to download HERE (from Google Play)

How many pieces can I install in my household?

  • LARA radio in the switch is operating as a standalone device, and therefore you can install in your household as much as you want.

Where you can buy?

  • Go to our e-shop - HERE. Contact our ELKO EP support team - they will help you with all details, they can recommend you our reliable partner which can help you with installation.



1) Connect LARA to router with PoE

If you do not have a router with PoE, please use PoE adapter.
In case that your installation does not allow you to connect LARA with router (via LAN cable), please use for connection: WiFi bridge.

2) Connect speakers to LARA


The possibility of mounting of the speakers:

a) frame mounted    b) celing mounted     c) wall mounted    d) flush mounted


                                 All can be found in our e-shop.

3) Set your LARA using LARA configurator - to download HERE. 

Would you like to something more?

LARA Intercom
is here for you! Do you hear a doorbell but do not have a time to open a door? Or you would like to call all members of your family for dinner and do not want to yell around? Thanks to the App iNELS Home Control you can see e.g. your visitors (waiting at the entrance of your house) on LARA screen, or in your Smartphone.

LARA Intercom upgraded to the technological level can:

  • communication between an individual LARA
  • communication with IP door communicator
  • music control in your house - the part of home smart solution - iNELS electro-installation

Design option




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LARA Radio_white



LARA Radio_aluminum



LARA Radio_ice



LARA Radio_pearl






LARA Radio_grey


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